Nomination Theater of Fashion


  • Pret-a-porter
  • Evening wear
  • Baby clothes
  • Stage costume
  • Historical costume
  • Modern youth clothing

Criteria for evaluation:

  • Costume design
  • Integrity of the composition
  • One design
  • Originality of the director's decision
  • Consistency in style (costume, hairstyle, choreography, musical accompaniment)
  • Originality of the author's solution
  • Collection integrity
  • Unity of design
  • Silhouette forms and color scheme
  • Musical arrangement
  • Artistic performance
  • Quality and craftsmanship
  • The complexity of the artistic solution

Age categories:

It is not divided into age groups.

Performance requirements:

The teams present the competition program (one collection) in the form of a show, consisting of one or several themes.


  • According to the results of the competition, Laureates of I, II, III degrees, Diplomas of I, II and III degrees are determined.
  • The performer or the team with the highest number of points is awarded the title of "Grand Prix" of the competition.
  • The jury's decision is final and not subject to revision.

Technical requirements:

  • The carriers of phonograms are mini discs and compact discs with high sound quality.
  • Each sound recording must be on a separate medium, indicating the name of the number and the participant (collective or soloist), as well as indicating the duration of the sound.