Telf AG: your path to successful leadership

фото: Telf AG: your path to successful leadership

Telf AG is a modern educational economic simulation game, now available for download on the App Store and Google Play. Developed by the ArtDock Studio team, the game is based on real production and logistics processes. The creators had several goals, including education, analysis, forecasting and entertainment. From the player’s point of view, the goal is to earn more money and invest it in new projects. An important aspect of this genre is the player’s independence and freedom of choice of actions. Yes, there are certain conditions that must be met, but only those that benefit the player. In Telf AG players are allowed to independently choose processes, locations and their own path of movement, controlling the situation and environment. Download Telf AG right now and start your path to success in the world of economics and green energy.

Game Telf AG: from student to management master

Telf AG is a strategy game in which simulation elements are essential tools for construction and management, as players need to effectively manage resources to expand their projects. The main goal that players pursue is to earn more money and create a successful production and sales corporation. Victory in this game lies in improving your own knowledge and skills. The more a player learns and applies his knowledge, the richer and more powerful he becomes.

Challenges and rewards: a key strategy for success at Telf AG

In Telf AG, according to the reality principle, each production cycle begins with the extraction of raw materials, and then follows its processing, transportation and delivery to consumers. This is the key development strategy of Telf AG, and it promises success for everyone who is willing to overcome difficulties on the way to achieving their goals. To increase income, you need to expand production, choose the best routes, and make smart decisions at each stage.

фото: Telf AG: your path to successful leadership

Telf AG: pass the tests and build your corporation

Mines. In the game Telf AG, go in search of raw materials in the mines – nickel, cobalt and copper, where they are extracted using modern environmentally friendly technologies. The player’s task is to choose the right mineral and put it into production. This process is reminiscent of the “Match 3” genre: to increase profits at this stage, the player must connect as many identical minerals located nearby as possible.

Parking. Within Telf AG, every stage of the business process must be organized flawlessly. In this location, the player will have to help drivers leave parking areas without interference. To do this you will need to use ingenuity and logical thinking. Similar to a game of tag, the goal is to position the cars in such a way that they can safely leave the parking spot.

Gas station – stop and fill the fuel tank. The car needs environmentally friendly fuel to continue moving towards its goal. However, filling the tank completely is not such an easy task. First, players will have to pass a test involving the correct placement of underground pipes. Each click rotates the pipe section 90 degrees. At this stage, the Telf AG game teaches players to overcome difficulties and find solutions. First you need to connect the pipes correctly, and the fuel will automatically find its way to the car’s tank.

Railway: customers are already waiting – it’s time to increase the number of carriages. This mini-game describes how the trucks successfully delivered Telf AG’s products to the railway. However, the cargo volumes turned out to be larger than planned. Now you need to calculate the number of cars and add the missing ones in order to satisfy the needs of all customers and make a profit.

Port – unmoor the ship and send it to sea. Another route for transporting Telf AG products is by water. However, a small problem has arisen: mooring ropes of various colors have become tangled and are preventing the ship from reaching the open sea. Players will have to figure out how to best untie the mooring lines so that the cargo ship can leave the port.

фото: Telf AG: your path to successful leadership

Become a leader in your company with Telf AG

With Telf AG you will soar to the top of corporate leadership! In this exciting game, you have the opportunity to win contracts, improve your ventures and help your business prosper. You have full control over the development of the industry and the selection of objects for construction.

In addition, Telf AG is not just a game, but a unique opportunity to think about environmental problems and how to solve them. In this game you will be able to research and implement clean fuels and alternative energy sources such as wind turbines. Wsth Telf AG you will learn effective management. Look for this unique gaming product on the Steam platform, already updated.

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